PHILTEX CORPORATION LTD. provides engineering surveying consultancy to the construction industry including a full service survey and mapping department. Made up of certified geodetic and civil engineers that bring over 40 years of combined surveying experience to the company, our priority is to establish long term relationships with clients, providing superior service, quality work products, reasonable competitive costs and being responsive to the needs of our clientele. Our staff is skilled and experienced. The firm utilizes automated electronic data collection systems and project specific innovative approaches to surveying.

Professional surveyors make up the division and have the expertise to carryout virtually any surveying task. Specializing in horizontal and vertical construction control of high-rise buildings, our surveyors have worked on major projects around the world. Along with construction surveying we perform Civil Engineering surveys for roads, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, etc. and land, topographic, hydrographic, as well as industrial surveying. From railway transit to airport runways PHILTEX surveyors are qualified in the following areas:

  1. Construction Surveying (including High Rise Buildings)
  2. Civil Engineering Surveying
  3. Industrial (Dimensional) Surveying

  1. Land Subdivisions
  2. Building Subdivisions
  3. Title Re-establishments
  4. Urban Planning

  1. Feature Surveying
  2. Detail Surveying
  3. Level Surveying
  4. Lease Area (PCA) Surveys

Senior level surveyors are board certified geodetic and/or civil engineers trained on the latest equipment. Field surveyors are carefully supervised and qualified for general surveying work. We are available to meet and discuss all of your project requirements.