Philtex/Landbase, are committed to you in carried out the highest quality standards to fill the right person with the right attitude and skill at the time you need them. We can draw the best with our ready pool of applicants, skilled workers and professional and place them in a proper jobs that require stability, alertness, efficiency, consistency of work, creativity, expertise and perseverance-world class qualities of “Pilipino” people experienced and qualified in any kind of task.

Our contracted workers are willing to abide by the pertinent laws of the country where they work, respecting even its customs and traditions.

Our companies ensures customer satisfaction to its clients. This is marked by undertaking or assisting the applicant on the following activities and services:

  1. Preliminary interview and assessment prior to final interview by the employer
  2. Checking and verification of documents
  3. Medical Examination
  4. Trade Testing and /or training
  5. Written IQ tests, psychological, etc.
  6. Pre-interview briefing
  7. Post-selection briefing on employer’s company rules and regulations
  8. Pre-deployment orientation
  9. Pre-deployment pregnancy and stool tests
  10. Final checking of documents
  11. Flight booking and scheduling
  12. Pre-arranged and agreed on-site mediation and assistance to workers by respective principals

Remarkably acknowledged by the International audience as brilliant, talented and creative entertainers, the Filipino artists dominate the exciting and challenging world of stage and theatre in key cities and major entertainment capitals in Asia.

Hotel and Restaurant
We are constantly meeting personnel requirements for large hotels, industrial and institutional food service industry, project and offshore catering facilities.

Household Workers
Caring your child and care giver to your elders. Serving the family of nutritious home-cooked food. The comfort of home is much cherished during your moments of rest on a well kept bed, with a clean sheets and linen and span surroundings.

Electrical and Instrumentation Installation
Regardless the continuing development of the electronics industry, our people has maintained the state of the art control system and equipment. Our experienced project management team supervisors every project from initial planning through testing and commissioning with particular attention to the requirements of International standard, the safety aspects of the installation and the reliability of each system.

Industrial Support Services
Our people also compliments to a major construction capabilities such as fabrication, scaffolding, insulation and industrial painting.

Medical and Health
The demand of medical practitioners, and nurses professionals. They oversee the selection, orientation and training of personnel for hospital management and support services like medical housekeeping, diet-regulated catering and equipment maintenance. We have selected significant number of medical and para-medical staff to met our client requirements.

Information Technology Support Services
IT support services become a must in all types of activities, in any industry or filed of work.

Pipelines & Pipeworks
Acting as arteries to carry oil gas and water cross country, we have people trained as pipeline worker in the construction of extensive networks which observe correct procedures and standards of workmanship, expert in fabrication and installation of all types of pipework in a variety of erection projects including housing schemed, industrial complexes, petrochemical, refinery, power and desalination plants.

Civil & Building Construction
Over the past years, we have place various professional staff and skilled workers for variety of civil works and projects overseas for building construction for both commercial and industrial.

Structural Steel Work
Our people are fully conversant in the erection of all types of industrialized pre-engineered and hot rolled steel framed building using the most modern techniques and working to the highest specification. In addition performing numerous types of specialist steel fabrication.

Mechanical Erection & Installation
To serve the requirements of the major refineries, petrochemical and industrial plants our people in the field of mechanical erection and installation are experienced in all types of erection and installation projects including refinery, petrochemical, power desalination and industrial plants, storage tanks, installation of vessels and associated equipment and HVAC installations.

Operation and Maintenance
Our people have extensive experience to build a strong background of team in all aspects of operation and maintenance as applied to petro-chemical, power, desalination, process, refineries, and heavy industrial plants and facilities, encompassing the field of civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.