1. Ship Registration :
    Application to obtain provisional registration documents may be submitted to our designated offices, and the following is required:
  2. nameís availability
  3. application forms (enclosed) Ė for Provisional Certificate of Registry to be completed and signed by the applicant (fax copies are accepted)
  4. application forms (enclosed)- for Ship Station License
  5. application forms (enclosed)- for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
  6. Certified true copy of the Bill of Sale or Builders Certificate, if it is a new built vessel or Judicial Sale Instrument.
  7. Original Non-Encumbrance certificate from previous registry
  8. Power of Attorney confirming the appointment of the vesselís resident agent; i.e: Philtex Corporation. (sample enclosed)
  9. Certified True Copy of International Tonnage Certificate 1969 (from previous registry)
  10. Certified True Copy of Deletion Certificate from the previous registry or Letter of Undertaking from the owner stating that the original deletion certificate will be submitted within 60 days.
  11. A copy of Class and Statutory Certificates such as : (class hull/machinery, LL, IOPP + supplement, Safety Radio + From R, Safety Equipment + form E, Safety Construction, & other relevant certificates.

All documents are considered duly notarized or authenticated only in the following forms:

  1. Notarized by a Notary Public or authorized public official must certify the authenticity of the signature.
  2. If a photocopy is to be submitted to our office, a public notary or other recognized and authorized public official must certify the authenticity of the signature(s) appearing on the documents as well as the authority of the person(s) executing the documents; and certify that the documents is a true copy of its original.

Seafarerís Identification Documents:

The procedures for the issuance of Seafarerís endorsement certificates. The applicant is possession of an appropriate valid certificates based on equivalence and recognized and to ensure with full compliance of the requirement by the STCW Convention and its amendments.

Inspection / Marine Surveys: American Register of Shipping

Philtex Corporation is an authorized agent of American Register of Shipping in the UAE, USA and Philippines. The inspection is represented by the surveying organization authorized by the flag administration that has delegated authority to perform marine surveys and to issue the relevant certificates required by the national and international conventions guided by Resolution A.739(18) that contains the requirements to be fulfilled by the Flag Administration and for the organizations working on its behalf.

  1. ISM Consulting/Preparation for DOC/ISM manuals and certification
  2. ISPS Code consulting/Preparation for manuals and certification
  3. Class, load line, and SOLAS
  4. Pre-Purchase, condition & cargo gear survey
  5. Tonnage Calculations
  6. Stability and brain loading booklet calculations & approval
  7. General / condition surveys
  8. Full vessel investigations
  9. Insurance Surveys
  10. Vessel Inspections
  11. Technical Consultancy
  12. Industrial Services

  1. Belize
  2. Panama
  3. British Virgin Island
  4. Delaware, USA